Ammallo Car Seat Gap Filler Pocket Organizer and Catcher – Premium PU Leather 2 Pack – Stop Searching for Items That Drop and Catch Them – Console Interior Accessories


  • One Pair of Beautiful Black High Quality Premium PU Leather Car Seat Gap Organizers
  • One Size Fits Most Car Seats – Fits In The Gap Between The Front Seats And Center Console
  • Installation Is Easy… Simply Push It Between The Seat And Center Console
  • Provides Extra Space For Quick Accessibility To Documents, Pens, Or Phone
  • Never Have To Panic About Dropped Coins, Phones, Or Food – The Organizer Will Catch It All

Ammallo proudly presents its very sleek and stylish car seat gap organizers! It doesn’t matter who you are… at some point you have dropped something between the car seats. And if you’re driving, it can be not only virtually impossible to fish out the dropped item from between the seats – but potentially dangerous if you’re driving. Coins, phones, pens, and food often slip from drivers’ hands and into the pit of despair between the car seat and center console… but you can fill that gap forever with the Ammallo Car Seat Gap Organizer!

Besides catching falling objects, the car seat gap organizers make a great extra spot to leave documents, pens, or your phone. The location is quickly accessible.

The Ammallo Car Seat Gap Organizers make a great addition to any car… go ahead and click “Add to Cart” and get your pair today!


Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 15 × 2.5 × 5.5 in